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iOS Ad Blockers

Did you know that you can easily block ads on iOS? Specifically through Safari? And I'm not talking about DNS filtering.

They're called "Content Blockers" and they're not as powerful as something like uBlock Origin; however, they get the job done and I highly suggest you use at least one. A lot of them aren't free, but... They're definitely worth it.

⚠️ Note:

Content Blockers only work with Safari. Third-party web browsers, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge DO NOT implement them.

I don't personally use third-party web browsers on iOS, since they're all just re-skins of Safari.

Here are the ones I personally use:

  • Wipr ($1.99 USD)
    • This is probably the best one to get. It basically implements the EasyList filters, which is used by a lot of the popular desktop ad blocking extensions.
  • AdGuard (Base - Free | Premium - $4.99/year USD or a one-time purchase of $12.99 USD)
    • I use this for lists that aren't EasyList, since Wipr implements those. It has DNS filtering, but I do not use that.
    • It also has an optional Advanced Protection extension that acts more like a traditional ad-blocking extension on a desktop web browser.