About Me

I'm a jack of all trades in the IT industry. My skillset ranges from networking, server management, virtualization, automation, and cyber security. I have a BS degree in Information and Computer Technology (Cyber-Security) from East Carolina University . When it comes to work, I spend most of my time managing servers, networking, automation through PowerShell, integrating Microsoft 365 services into our environment, and cyber-security. For the majority of my professional career, I've worked in higher-education.

Outside of work, I'm a really chill guy. One of my hobbies is casual photography where I try to regularly take photos with my iPhone 11 Pro and employ photo editing techniques to make the best possible photo. I'm also a huge weather geek, so meteorology is definitely a huge hobby of mine. I'm big into college football and try to watch games every Saturday during the fall season, which I've been a long time fan of Auburn University since I was a child. I'm big into video games, but I spend most of my time only playing Destiny 2. I'm also a bit of a music nerd and I enjoy different genres, but I mainly listen to a lot of metal.

In both my work and personal life, I have a strong passion for technology. Over the years I've grown to not rely on it for everything, but rather have it augment my day to day life. I used to be a power-user outside of work, but now I'm not so much. I was a huge fan of Android and Windows on personal devices, but now I've gone all Apple by accident ( Oops ). The It just works™ statement most people say about Apple products, is strangely true and I don't do as much troubleshooting outside of work. I've always had a strong interest in programming as well, but I've never wanted to turn it into a career. My methodology for programming is building scripts/programs that increase productivity for not just work, but my personal life and my hobbies.


East Carolina University

Year graduated



BS Information Computer Technology




IT Skills

Windows and Linux-based servers
Microsoft Azure/365 Services
Networking (Basic concepts, Cisco IOS, and HP)
Virtualization (VMWare and Hyper-V)
System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)
Windows 10 Deployments

Programming Languages

PowerShell (Windows and Core)
C# (with .NET Standard and Core)